Volunteers and their contributions are key to our success and without them we would not achieve our objectives.

W.H. Five Loaves promotes the participation of student volunteers and although it is only short-term it can be a meaningful experience and provide them with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the less well-off in our community.

W.H. Five Loaves welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and they fulfil many roles in the organisation. We feel that everyone has a talent to share, an ear to listen or a service to provide, bringing new insights and energy which is greatly appreciated.

W. H. Five Loaves Charity Strategic Plan 2012-2017


W. H. Five Loaves Strategic Plan sets out the strategic aims and objectives of the charity and how the charity intends to achieve them.

 W H Five Loaves Strategic Plan 2012 to 2017.pdf

Volunteer Form


If you are interested in getting involved please complete our application form below and return it to us and we will contact you as soon as we can.

 Volunteer Application Form.pdf

Opening Hours

    52c Main Street, 

    Bray, Co Wicklow

Monday to Friday 10.00am-4.00pm
Tel: (01) 2040960